During the EU-project process we succeeded in developing the first Schukey-technology based plant in the world for the generation of electricity from a CHP´s waste heat.



Primarily goal of the EU- Project

MICRO-Trigeneration is the development and test of a compact pilot and demo plants for the production of electricity and coldness in a lower power range (some kW until maximum 100 kW) out of solar thermal energy or waste heat.

An international consortium,

consisting of three Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as two Research Institutions (RI) should bring the Schukey Technology to market maturity during the next 30 months. The project volume includes € 1.5 Mio. The European Union supports the Project within the scope of the program “Research for the benefit of SMEP” in the amount of € 1,1 Mio.

This new Technology is based on MICRO-Trigeneration and is distinguished by high efficiency, low maintenance, user friendliness and comparatively low investment needs.
This kind of plants can be integrated for electricity production with solar thermal plants or combined heat and power units. Furthermore these plants increase their energy efficiency through using solar or waste heat for generating electricity and/or cooling.
Under certain conditions even retrofitting of existing plants is possible.


is that in this project not just a lab operation but also provided as a test mode under connection into solar thermal plants and combined heat and power plants.

Thus should develop important knowledge and realistic approaches to integrate the Schukey Technology into other waste heat producing energy systems (Industrial waste heat, marine engine, vehicle drives and so on) under economically interesting conditions.

Alternative Technologies

for economic use lower temperatures from ca. 120 ° C for combined and each appropriate provision of electricity, heat and coldness are at this point not available. Just the innovative Schukey Technology fulfills the preconditions to contribute to increase of energy efficiency using even lower temperatures and fluctuating heat supply.

The Schukey Technology works with a genius and easy concept.
This concept enables, for instance to produce electricity with steam at a temperature of 120 ° C and at a pressure of 1,1 bar under economic acceptable conditions. As a chiller the Schukey machine works environmentally sustainable with the coolant air and is, provided that solar heat or any other form of waste heat is available, independent from electricity connection.

The use of trigeneration plants

in the lower temperature and power range, especially combined with fluctuating solar or waste heat supply is unique worldwide and not proven under real conditions yet.
Preparing the maturity of Schukey Technology based compact MICRO-Trigeneration plants needs comprehensive researches and development tasks to carry out in the field of technology optimization and integration into the superordinate systems.

The consortium was successful with an innovative and ambitious concept as one of 200 out of 1.400 submitted projects.
It is going to strive for an easy, standardized, economic and practical solution. It is planned to reach specific electricity prime costs in network parity as quick as possible (in the long term it is planned to keep these costs considerably lower).


Project History

Sep 2012

Project preparation and application

May 2013

Presentation in Brussels

Aug 2013

Contract negociations and conclusion

Oct 2013

Project launch and kick-off meeting in Hanover

Apr 2014

Meeting in Vienna

Apr 2015

Meeting and training in Hanover

Laboratory unit completed

Jun 2015

Meeting in Bratislava

Jan 2016

Meeting and training in Hildesheim and Hanover

CHP demo plant completed


Final Meeting in Hildesheim