EU-Project MICRO-Trigeneration

Partners in the consortium

An international consortium, consisting of three Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), as well as two Research Institutions (RA) are going to develop the Schukey Technology to market maturity within the upcoming 30 months.

Consortium partners are

Thermodyna Maschinen- und Anlagen GmbH, Hamburg, Germany (SME)

Holder of the Schukey patents and internally responsible for exploitation and dissemination

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LEA GmbH, Feldbach, Austria (SME)

Responsible for demonstration and validation

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Energy Changes s.r.o., Bratislava, Slovakia (SME)

Responsible for determination of user requirement, market researches and technically framework conditions

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4ward Energy Research GmbH, Vienna, Austria (RI)

Responsible for project coordination, feasibility studies as well as economical and legal aspects

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University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover, Germany (RI)

Responsible for the technical concept and design, manufacturing, assembling and training.

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